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A-Laser: Custom Laser Cutting Services and Precision Parts Manufacturing

Our precision parts manufacturing group has been delivering high quality laser cutting services for well over a decade; providing innovative solutions for demanding applications around the world. A-laser has made it a priority to stay ahead of the curve by valuing our people and providing them with tools and training to set us apart from other precision manufacturers.

Laser Cutting Services

Cutting edge laser equipment was the base upon which we’ve built and will remain a core competency. Ablation with UV frequency lasers continues to be the ideal process for customers in need of precision and quick turn, while limiting material distortion, for their thin film, foil and adhesive applications. Through incremental control of power density and motion, we make the minor adjustments needed to deliver virtually carbon free cuts in a wide variety of materials, from polyimides to precious metals to various stack up combinations.

Our IR process has evolved greatly over the last few years as demands from customers have grown. We began with NdYag systems, but have grown to include fiber and, most recently, CO2 laser cutting systems, plus photochemical etching. This gives us greater versatility in material types, thicknesses, and volume. Additionally, we have needed to take on extensive cleaning, plating and selective coating capability to fulfill further customer demands. Meeting these requirements while maintaining high levels of service and quality has required focus and organization optimized in our ISO 9001:2008 documentation. Relentless dedication to quality has driven our ability to move beyond laser cutting services to excel in custom precision parts manufacturing. Thin and precise is our world and while devices are shrinking our world is growing.

A-Laser PresentationA-Laser Presentation

  • Same day quotes and 24 hour turns available· High cutting edge precision and position accuracy (+/-.0005″)
  • Fine contours and virtually radius-free internal edges (<20 micron beam)
  • Contact-free material processing to prevent material distortion

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