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3D Circuit Engineering Services from A-Laser

Developing MID components (moulded interconnect devices) is a complex procedure regardless which process or technology is used. A-Laser has the knowledge and experience to offer comprehensive engineering support throughout the entire process. From component and material selection to 3D Assembly, we will guide you through our innovative technology.

Contact our engineering department to get started on your project today:

George Surjan
George Surjan
Mechanical Enigineer, A-Laser
(408) 954-8582

LPKF Design Rules and Guidelines

If you are already aware of the design process or want to learn more information please use the LPKF Design Guide for Laser Direct Structuring. This guide will help the developer of MIDs that are based on the LPKF laser direct structuring process. To avoid errors or designs unsuitable for production, a very close cooperation be-tween all participants in the individual process is required in the early stages of the project.

LDS Design Guide

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