ENFP And INFJ In Bed And In A Relationship: A True Match

August 25, 2022

Knowing your Myers-Briggs personality type can help guide you to a better understanding of what makes you tick – your likes, strengths, and preferences. (If you’re not familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, you can quickly find your type here.)

After you find out which of the 16 MBTI personality types fits you, you’ll see that it describes all aspects of your character. Because it says a lot about your motivations and how you like to relate to people, MBTI can also be used to find out which of the types you’re compatible with.

If you’re reading this, your type is probably either ENFP or INFJ, and you’re specifically interested in the compatibility between ENFP and INFJ in bed. Both of these types are passionate lovers who love being in a relationship and look for commitment.

Compatibility of ENFP And INFJ In Bed

An ENFP-INFJ relationship results in a truly magical connection in bed. Both of these personality types look for commitment first and foremost, and when they find it, they deeply enjoy their sex life with their partner.


When it comes to physical intimacy, INFJ and ENFP personality types both consider sex very important and need a fulfilling sex life to be happy in a relationship. However, neither of these personality types is happy when sex is just a physical thing – they both need an emotional connection to find satisfaction.

Casual sex isn’t something they want because it can’t make them happy. An emotional bond is more important to both INFJ and ENFP than the act itself. This doesn’t mean that they don’t like sex – they consider it an essential part of their relationship and how to express their feelings and connect to their partner.


Once they’re emotionally connected, their sex life is passionate and frequent. ENFPs love to explore and be creative, and INFJs are enthusiastic and willing to try anything with their partner. ENFPs can be kinky, and INFJs will gladly give their suggestions a chance as a way to explore the emotional bond between them and their bodies.

Because they’re so deeply connected, they understand each other’s sexual energy. Both of these types have a strong desire to please one another and love sharing sexual experiences.


ENFP is adventurous and loves discovering what their partner enjoys and the best way to make them happy. They love experimenting and never run out of ideas to keep things interesting, as long as they’re committed and connected on a deeper level.

INFJs wait to be sure about their feelings before they engage in intimacy with their partners, and as they get more and more comfortable and besthookupwebsites.org/cs/millionairematch-recenze/ relaxed, they’re able to let go in the bedroom and truly lose all inhibitions. They like discovering how to drive their partner crazy.

Similarities Between INFJs and ENFPs

To better understand INFJs and ENFPs and how these two Myers-Briggs personality types can work in a romantic relationship, let’s see what they’re like in terms of MBTI typology.

MBTI describes your personality, but what do all the letters mean, anyway? The MBTI tool was based on the existence of four psychological functions and the fact that everyone is either an (I) introvert or an (E) extrovert.

The functions determine the way we (P) perceive the world – through (S) sensing or (I) intuition and how we judge the world – by (T) thinking or by (F) feeling). We express the four functions in either an introverted or extroverted way, and one of them is dominant.

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